Saturday, October 23, 2010


So today it was confirmed: I attend a Historically Black, Conservative and Homophobic institution! Did I know this before? Of course I did. Did it bother me? Nope...I know this is where God wants me to be. Was I surprised by this confirmation? Unfortunately no!

There I am, sitting in a preaching class discussing possible topics to do as a case study. Whatever topic our group worked on would involve changing the behavior of the people in the congregation through sermons, bible study, Sunday school, etc. You get the idea. Anyway, folks were throwing out topic ideas and we came up with a list of eight. All very good but it had to be narrowed down to four.

This is how it went down. I will start at the end. The four topics chosen were: 1) Domestic violence; 2) Drug and alcohol abuse among teens; 3) Bullying and 4) preaching prosperity gospel in a down economy. All good, right? The lowest vote getters were: 1) Obesity in the African American community (remember I go to a HBCU); 2) cohabitation affect on marriage; 3) human trafficking in NC (Yes, it does exist. I did a paper for Christian ethics on it and spoke to a director of a facility in NC) and ....drum roll PLEASE - 4) the eradication of HIV within the African American Community!!!!

I was stunned! Only two people, another person and I, thought it was important to the Black church community at a Black Baptist Church institution to talk about the fact that HIV is killing many of our Black sisters who happen to go to Black churches!!!

I sat there in amazement! As the class talked about what they had learned today, this is what I heard: "We like to be fat (knocked out obesity topic), happy (cohabitation topic) and have sex (HIV topic)!!! What did I learn besides the lesson I stated earlier? Come hell or high water, I need to get outta here!

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Rob Cousar said...

Wow! All 8 of those topics are "heavy" subjects. However - and this is in consideration that you were in an HBCU atmosphere - it seems to me that only two of the topics focused specifically on the African-American community. Obesity and HIV should have been the top two vote getters. I'm just saying...