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It appears that folks actually do follow my blog! Wow!! I have not been able to update as much as I would have liked this semester. It has been a rough one and I am looking forward to it ending in a few weeks. I have definitely learned quite a bit this semester and, perhaps, one day I will be able to make the time to really give an update. For now, I want to share some nuggets from sermons in Chapel over the course of the semester. Yes, there does exist folks who actually take notes during sermons in hopes the nuggets will take root and make a difference in my life!

10/2/10 - "Sacrament of Beginning Again" - Matthew 19:16-22 (Rich young ruler)
Nugget gleamed: At the very moment when life is set (comfortable), we are asked to begin again. The rich young ruler had his life set out before him and with one question, Jesus "rocked" his world

10/23/10 - "Martha Tendencies and Mary Moments" - Luke 10:38-42
1) We assume that Martha is "serving" food because she is a woman but the text doesn't say anything about serving anything.
2) "Service" + "Reverence" = "Conflict": Meaning: When we doing for Jesus, we have to find a way to "sit" with Jesus as well and that combo can cause conflict
3) We don't need to sacrifice our relationship with Jesus in order to get the ministry done
4) What would it look like if we believed that God who called us will sustain us!

11/6/10 - "His Grace is Sufficient" - 2 Corinthians 12:7-10
1) Because of what we go through, we get a deeper understanding of God's grace
2) Every trail that comes into our life, we can still see the glory of God. In the midst of the struggle is when you see God's glory.

11/13/10 - "How Do We Get to the Other Side?" - Matthew 14:22-33
How do we learn to trust God?:
1) Recognize God has chosen you
2) Taking risks and doing what you've never done
3) Stay focused on getting to the other side

11/20/10 - "He Knows" - Jeremiah 1: 4-10
1) God knows you and still calls you
2) If God calls you, God will keep you

So...there you have it!

Until next time...

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